Serenity RPG - Into the Black

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Session name: Into the Black
Session type: Con one-off
Game system: Serenity RPG
Number of players: 5+GM

About the play: I hosted the same session at this year's Arcon, and concluded that it did not work for seven players. I cut Inara and Simon, as they were the least active roles, and tried it again, at HexCon

I will not post a play resumè, little changed story-wise, except for the fact that I augmented the script, which is one of the most horrific examples of railroading I have ever seen, so much so as to be horribly, badly broken, with a good dose of improvisation, and use of Mythic RPG's random event generator.

With what I did, the session went from horribly, badly broken to simply broken. Even with liberal free-forming, and direct departures from the script (specifically in the places where the entire session hinges on three difficult rolls in rapid succession, failure in any one of those means the characters are dead) this script is broken.

Even so, we had a good time, and I got to GM for one of my favorite RPG script-wrights, so all's well.

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