Dogs in the Vineyard at Hexcon '09

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Number of players: GM +4

Play resumè: I attended Hexcon this year as well, and had a real good time. During one of the sessions, I had nothing to do, and was invited to join a one-off session of Dogs in the Vineyard. We went through character creation, and then set off playing...

Arriving in Bridal Falls, the Dogs are met by the town elder. His wife, my character's cousin, greeted us, and then asked to have a talk with my character. During the talk, it transpired that her husband, Brother Higgins, had married a second woman, of whom she (Bethia) did not approve.

They also met a woman whose child had died before its baptism. Being a lost cause, they could not bury the child in hallowed ground. Their solution was to set up a burial site outside the hallowed ground, where the mother could bury the child.

She also told him that she suspected Edith (the second wife) of having an affair with the town deputy sheriff, brother Cyrus. This suspicion was confirmed by other sources to the rest of the Pack, and it transpired that one of the women in the village had blessed the sheriffs union with Brother Higgins' second wife.

The woman was, it turned out, the cousin of one of the Dogs. Said Dog went to talk to his cousin, who attacked him.

Hearing the noise, the rest of the Pack joined their colleague, and tried to remove the malignant spirit who had obviously taken control of the poor woman, unfortunately to no avail.

In the end, they had to purge the spirit by removing her lifeforce.

Post script: I had been wanting to try out dogs for a long time, and when I got home, one of the first things I did was to order the book.

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