Copyright and L'esprit D'escalier

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Note:This post is in English, in spite of L'esprit D'escalier being written in Norwegian. The reason is simple: I am going to mail a link to this post to DC Comics along with my next question to them.

As you may have noticed, in my original post about my concept, L'esprit D'escalier, I quoted Neil Gaiman's excellent graphic novel Death: the High Cost of Living.

It is my intention to include the quote in the work to be published as well. In order to avoid any potential IP violation, I have contacted DC Comics to find out about Copyright. Even so, it seems to me that using this quotation would be covered by a) the Fair Use provisions of the U.S. copyright law, and the Sitatrett provision of Norwegian Copyright law.

That being my understanding (given my limited knowledge of copyright law), I view this, as well as my email correspondence with DC Comics as fair warning. Actually publishing the game is a long ways off anyway, and if they have a problem with it, they have time to get back to me.

I'd like opinions on this.

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