A turning (Oslo by Night pt. 1)

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Campaign name: Oslo by night
Session name: A turning (In which our protagonist is introduced to the Prince, and tackles an assailant)
Session type: Prelude, rule breakdown, character building
Game system: Vampire: the Masquerade
Number of players: 1+GM

Our protagonist finds herself recently turned. Her sire, Dahwood, tells her what she has become. He tells her that he belongs to one of seven clans of the Camarilla. The clan is called Ventrue.

Info on the protagonist:
D.O.B: 12.11.83
D.O.D: 07.09.08
Height: 1m 68cm
Weight: 65kg
Hair-color: red
Eye-color: green
Race: Caucasian

The protagonist, Sophie D'Ajeux was born and raised in Brussels. She worked as an interpreter at the EU. On a trip to Oslo, she suddenly felt an urge to quit her job, to do something else. She then met a man that told her she was the one he'd been waiting for. He turns her. She realises that she has become a vampire. She is curious by nature, and sees this as an opportunity for learning.

She is suddenly taken by the urge to feed, luckily her sire has provided a young man for just that. Afterwards, her sire laughs quietly to himself. The protagonist, on the other hand, feels elated at having fed, but apalled that she'd bleed a human being dry so quickly.

She gets used to being stronger, but is also reminded that she is weak. Her sire stakes her, to teach her the dangers of being staked. The first day she is taken out in the public is along with her sire. He takes her to the haven of the Prince, and introduces her to him.

The Prince, Alex, tells her in no encertain terms that she is under his jurisdiction while in Oslo. He quickly sizes her up and decides she is worthy to be one of the ruling class of Oslo, a Ventrue.

On their way back to Dahwood's haven in down-town Oslo, Dahwood and our protagonist hears a loud bang, and Dahwood feels the wheels tug as if they have a flat. He hands Sophie a handgun and tells her to check it out. On the outside, Sophie notices that the left front tyre is indeed flat, and that it has a hole in it much the same size as a .357-magnum slug.

As she bends over the tyre, inspecting it, Sophie feels the muzzle of a gun in her neck. She quickly grapples the assailant to the ground, slaps him unconscious, then stuffs him into the trunk of the car. When they return to the haven, Sophie places the assailant in a cell, then goes to bed.

Significant NPC's
Dahwood al-Jabhara (6th. gen) Born and embraced in Damascus, Syria. Has lived in Oslo for nigh on eighty years, and enjoys a lot of influence with the Prince, in his role as Sherrif, as well as a part of the Primogen. Ventrue.
Alex Sørensson (8th. gen) Born and embraced in Oslo, Norway. Has been part of the vampire scene in Oslo for four hundred years, the last fifty of those as the Prince of Oslo. Ventrue.
Name Unknown (Human) Assailant, armed.

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