The night is dark (The night is dark pt. 1)

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Campaign name: The night is dark
Session name:
The night is dark, pt. 1 (In which our protagonists find themselves in a bunker, far under ground, and they all share an unknown craving...)
Session type:
Proof of concept, group building
Game system: Vampire the Masquerade
Number of players: 3 +GM

Play resumè:
Prologue: The protagonists are part of England's social elite, and as such given guests at the fabulous party at Bournemouth's famed club the Opera House. A well-known DJ is playing, and the people at the party are strictly A-list. The protagonists do not know each other yet.

Each of the protagonists are hit on by the three most beautiful people they've ever met. The strange thing is that they have seen none of them before. They all meet in a back room, where they toast in absinthe.

The sleepers awake in what looks like a bunker. They are each laid out on a metal table, reminiscent of the tables used in autopsy rooms. The long walls have lightbulbs covered with mesh wire at regular distances. The room is roughly 1600 sq. feet large. At the opposite end from our protagonists is a bomb shelter door and two air vents.

The protagonists are still dressed, but lacking all of their jewellery, hairpins etc. Instead, they find a note in each of their pockets saying their belongings will be returned in due time. They say hello, complain that they are feeling weak, and exit the room into a long corridor. The roof has the same lightbulbs covered in mesh wire at regular intervals.

They arrive at a room roughly the same size as where they woke up. The far wall is covered by filing cabinets, the other walls are lined with black desks labelled "Property of the Corporation". The filing cabinets are mostly labelled regular company stuff, though the drawers of one are labelled "Sires & Childe". The oldest year annoted is 1815, the most recent 2008.

They exit the room, and meet seven men dressed uniformly in tailored black suits, white shirts and black ties. They are told to follow the men immediately. They follow them into a room where they are sat down into chairs. One man tells them to wait here, and leaves. The rest simply stare at them.

Half an hour later a man enters, introducing himself as Laurenti Chiarello. He is very beautiful. "So you are the ones my children brought home. I must confess I am disappointed in them, I'd have thought they had better taste." He obviously disdains them. When they try to rise, they find themselves tied to the chairs, the chairs in turn bolted to the floor.

He offers them a drink and tells them they're dead. When they claim disbelief, he tells them to "go ahead, check your pulses." The drink is quite obviously blood, and they all feel, and look, better for drinking it. He then bids them to follow him, and sweeps out of the room. They rise, their restraints gone without any sort of sign.

The hallway they are led into looks like that of an old mansion; mahogany wall panels and ship-decking floor covering. They are then led into a sumptious library, its shelves covered with old, leatherbound books. In the middle are seven gorgeous chesterfield chairs.

The session ends with Laurenti telling them they are vampires, that he is a fourth generation descendant from Cain, and that they are sixth. He then introduces them to their sires; Angelo (who I found in a fisherman's pub in Naples), Laurenta (who led a much lesser life in prague), and finally Maria (who I saved from a monastery in Paris.

Significant NPCs:
Laurenti Chiarello (4th gen.) Born and embraced in Breslau, Poland. Is now one of the most influential vampires in southern England. Reports directly to the Prince in London. Sired Angelo, Laurenta and Maria.
Angelo Chiarello (5th gen.) Born and embraced in Naples, Italy. Lieutenant to Laurenti. Sired Jane Gavington.
Laurenta Chiarello
(5th gen.) Born and embraced in Prague, Czech republic. Lieutenant to Laurenti. Sired Alexander Newground.
Maria Chiarello (5th gen.) Born in Rheims and embraced in Paris, France. Lieutenant to Laurenti. Sired Argyle McKount.

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