Anger this way comes

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Session name: Anger this way comes (In which our protagonist finds herself in somewhat of an empassioned conflict of loyalties)
Session passion: Anger
Game system: Hero's Banner
Number of players: 1+GM

Play resumè: Our protagonist is a young Baroness of the house Schlotterstein, from the easterly part of the southern fiefdom of Darom. As tradition dictates, at the age of eighteen, she heads out into the world, leaving the confines and safety of her father's court and stronghold.

A headstrong young lady, Eugenie von Schlotterstein has her father wrapped around her little finger, and fully expects to be the one to succeed him on the throne. There is, however a hurdle to be jumped; that of her half brother Darth, whose place in the line of succession is in front of hers. He has been out travelling for many years.

In a series of events, it would seem that fate has the same plan for her as she does herself, as she at one point finds herself in the city of Aurel, in the Barony of Haralamb. As befits someone of her stature, she takes a room at the finest inn of the city. While enjoying a glass of fine wine in the common room, she sees her half brother out of the corner of her eye. It would, however seem that her fate is not as she had hoped, as she is detained while he disappears. The next morning she finds that Darth left the city just before the curfew the preceding evening, in a gallop towards Schlotterstein.

Deciding she has no time to waste, she hurries on her way to Schlotterstein herself, but on the way learns her father is dead, and Darth has taken the throne. Arriving at Schloß Schlotterstein, she demands an audience with her half brother. He graciously agrees, but demands that their sibling, Talia, join them. This suits Eugenie perfectly, as she is now able to pin the murder of Darth on Talia.

A reign of terror follows, as Eugenie takes her father's throne. Ten years later, Eugenie finds herself feeling ill, and calls for a medicus. He gives her some medicine, but it would turn out that the medicine was to heal the barony, rather than the baroness. She dies, poisoned by her doctor. Meanwhile, Talia has managed to exhonerate herself, and is confirmed the next ruler of Schlotterstein.

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