20 Signs of Secret Doors

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This list comes from Tyler at Held Action.

  1. Half a footprint leads into the wall.
  2. A loose brick with no mortar holding it in place.
  3. A wall sconce is slightly askew of true.
  4. An innocuous, if out of place, drain in the floor conceals the opening mechanism.
  5. A semicircle drawn in the dust from by the dragging corner of a revolving panel.
  6. A loose baseboard panel covers a latch.
  7. The corner of a tapestry pokes out of the door frame.
  8. Liquid or another fluid substance — i.e., melted wax, runs under the frame.
  9. A fine coat of plaster dust signals a door to mocked up match the masonry.
  10. The torch flame flickers, indicating a draft passing between stones in the wall.
  11. The tip of some unlucky adventurer’s blade is wedged between the door and jamb — this secret door also only opens inward; it’ll take some shoving to move the last fellow’s body.
  12. Scratches in the paint indicate the nearby bust’s nose rotates.
  13. The chandelier overhead droops lower than the rest, as the gear to which it is attached has begun to slip through wear.
  14. Light rapping suggests this section of wall is significantly less thick than that on either side.
  15. The mural in which it is concealed shows the outline in the flaking in the pigment.
  16. A rat hole at floor level leads into what should be sheer bedrock, by the map’s reckoning.
  17. The halberd held by the decorative suit of armor resists being bumped a little too strongly, being attached to a pull chain in the floor.
  18. The fountain built into the wall shows no sign of running water’s effect on its basin.
  19. The wardrobe has no rear panel.
  20. The gargoyle’s slightly wider left eye allows an adult-sized finger to push the catch hidden within.


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