Francis Brown - Character Introduction

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Here's the introduction I have written up for my character Francis Brown, in Cowboys and Orcs


M'name's Francis, but everyone calls me Frankie. I've spent most of my life in the backwater town known as Hillgrove. About fifteen years ago, my pa was shot and crippled by a no-good ruttin sumbitch bastard. On'y way we've survived, my pa, my ma and me, is 'cause we had some money saved up, an' my ma's real handy with a needle. She'll sow you up anything you want, as neat as you could wish for, an' quality too!

Now, my pa, he was a farmhand, an' I reckon I'd be one too, if'n he hadn't got hisself shot. I mean, when you see your pa shot so's he can never again do an honest day's work in the fields, well, I reckon it'll take summat outta yeh. Sure did me. Seems to have put summat in aswell though, cos', as luck would have it, shootin' jes' seemed to came nat'rally to me, y'know what I mean? Guns, well, I jes' always knew how to handle'em, an' myself in a gunfight, come to tha'. Have done, on more'n one occasion as well.

I's got two revolvers, real beauties, one called Jessica, the other'n Jennifer. Then I's got my rifle, a real nifty li'l thing I call Elizabeth. I always carry at least two knives, a dagger and a largeish huntin' knife. The huntin' knife's got a notch on the handle for each man I's taken down. It's coming up on a fair few now. Never started the fight, mind, an' the law's always come down in my support, so don't you go gettin' no ideas now.

A while back, my buddy from way back, Jochen came back to town. I was outta town on business, and came back jes' in time fer 'is funeral. They say the guy's got'im 'ad a huge tumble-barreled gun. He was taken down tho, but a goblin wi' a freakish four-barrelled rifle was in the guy's posse. I reckon that if'n I ever lay eyes on'im, I'll 'ave ter avne ... avern ... get my own back from'im.

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