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I've been playing a GURPS-campaign called Cowboys and Orcs for a while now. My first character was brutally killed, and I wrote up a new one. Here's the bio, the character introduction will come as a separate post.


Francis Brown
Father: Jason Brown
Mother: Sophie Brown (b. Fried)
Personality: Fiercely loyal, impulsive, will step up for a fight

Francis is a native of Hillgrove, but has spent a lot of time roaming the Wildlands. His father, Jason, was shot and crippled by a gunman while on his way to work at one of the Hillgrove farms when Francis was nine years old. Luckily, they had some savings, and have been living off them, and off his mother's tailoring skills since then.

Seeing his father mercilessly crippled, Francis vowed never to allow himself to be caught out like his father was. He started shooting guns, and found he had a natural affinity for it. He has since gained a reputation for being a good man to have on your side in a fight, and rarely shies away from trouble, preferring to meet it head on.

Recently, an old buddy of his returned to town. Jochen StPierre was the same age as Francis, and, although his life took him in different directions, his experiences were similar. When a lowlife called Stephen O'Reilly was arrested for the murder of Mr. Wilson, Jochen had recognized him as the man who murdered his father. Along with his friends, he decided to help with the guarding of the jail.

The evening before O'Reilly's trial, a man described as an ogre with a Nordenfelt Single Barrel (HT128) Gatling gun, attacked the jail, killing the deputy, and turning StPierre to mincemeat. O'Reilly apparently got a hold of the deputy's gun, and was gunned down by one of Mr. Grotz' men who were also watching the jail.

The ogre was killed on site, but rumors spoke of a goblin with some sort of steam-powered suit with a weird four-barreled rifle (Lancaster Howdah, .476 Enfield, HT91), fleeing the scene after taking fire from Jochen's compatriots.

Being out of town when Jochen returned, he only heard that he'd been there, and killed, when he came home. Upon hearing of his friend's murder, Francis vowed to avenge him, and bring whoever was responsible to a sticky end.

--- --- ---

Significant NPC's:
-Goblin who fled the scene of Jochen's murder
-Gunman who crippled his father

Plot threads:
-Avenge Jochen's murder (short-term, temporary)
-Defend the family name (long-term, ongoing)

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