Monopoly House Rules

Posted by Aleksander R. Rødner On 14:24 1 comments

These are the house rules that I play with at home. They make for a shorter, more enjoyable game.

  • Players may not lend other players money
  • Free Parking lasts an entire turn, and covers taxation, but not Chance-cards nor Community Chest-cards.
  • If you hit "Go to Jail" while on Free Parking, you still go to jail.
  • Should a player land on "Go", they collect double the amount, except when sent there by a card.
  • Trades may only be made on the turn of the person who wants to make the trade, before the dice are tossed.
  • Houses and hotels may be purchased during the players turn, before the dice are tossed.
  • Once a player has tossed the dice, the previous player may no longer purchase property.
  • On the third round in jail, if a player does not roll a double, they will move the number specified by the dice.
  • If a player is caught cheating by the other players, he or she must go directly to jail. They don't pass go or collect $200.
  • If a player is bankrupted, the properties are returned to the bank, and available for purchase.

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