Call of Cthulhu - Rachel West's Vengeance

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Session name: Rachel West's Vengeance
Session type: Con One-off
Game system: Call of Cthulhu
Number of players: 5+GM

Play resumè:Our five protagonists receive a letter each, telling them to report to the offices of Mr. Samuel Jones, Attorney at Law, in Green Town for the execution of the last will and testament of a Mrs. Smith. All of them being in some kind of money trouble, they arrive at his offices, where they are informed that they will need to spend three nights on the island where Mrs. Smith lived in order to claim the inheritance.

All five acquiesce, and they are taken to the island (from which they have no cell phone reception). On the island is a house, with a garden and a huge shrubbery of torn bushes. The house is two stories tall, with a small kitchen, living room and toilet on the ground floor, and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor. There is a small cellar with a power generator and shelves.


All of the protagonists have nightmares during the first night, two of them (Marco and Rico Alvarez) dream that they are being drowned, one (Vince Travis) that he is digging his own grave, one (Kimberley Jones) that she falls backwards and hits her head, and the last (Stephanie McCoy) that she is at a party, drinking something and then falls asleep.

They are awoken by the screams of Kimberley, who has locked herself in the bathroom. Stephanie shoots out the lock, grazing Kimberley in the arm.


As the day progresses, the weather takes a turn for the worse. Vince has found some old newspaper clippings, talking about the death of three girls, all named Rachel West. He remembers one of the episodes, as it happened at a party he attended. Stephanie, meanwhile, has found a newspaper clipping about a girl called Rachel West, marrying a millionaire called John Smith some forty years ago.

Later on, they start hearing creaks in the doors, someone walking in the stairs, and the sound of running water from the tap. Whenever they look to see, they see no one.

In the afternoon, Marco goes into the back yard, noting five moss-covered stones. He scrapes away the moss, and finds five names, all of them with two dates each:

Tina Stanford 17.03.1978 – 30.06.2005
Stepanie McCoy 11.08.1975 – 30.06.2005
Vince Travis 05.01.1975 – 30.06.2005
Rico Alvarez 17.04.1972 – 30.06.2005
Marco Alvarez 17.04.1972 – 30.06.2005

Towards the end of the day, tensions are mounting, and the protagonists go to bed late, no one wanting to be the first to go to sleep.


All of the players have nightmares during the night, the same nightmares they had the night before, only more vivid and life-like. The protagonists wake up in various places; Vince is outside the house, by the stones, with a shovel in hand; Marco and Rico are outside the house on the other side, Kimberley find herself in the stairs, catching herself as she's falling, while Stephanie is found in her bed, having to be shaken awake.


Although I could continue on, I won't as that would spoil the scenario for future players. What I can tell you, is how the protagonists died...


  • Marco and Rico walked into the river surrounding the island
  • Stephanie fell asleep inside the clearing inside the shrubbery
  • Kimberley fell down the stairs, cracking her skull open
  • Vince died after first digging his own grave, then burying himself in it

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