Rules for Frag Double Blind

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Background: One thing I really love about playing FPS computer games is the fact that you don't know where your enemy is before you actually see them. For Frag Double Blind you need to split the players into two teams.

Concept: In a double blind game, you only see what is in your line of sight. For it to work, you will need to divide the players into two teams, designating one player the referee. Frag Double Blind works for three to seven players. The referee keeps track of where the opposing team is, and informs the players when they see an enemy.

How to do it: Frag Double Blind assumes that as soon as one player in a team sees something, the rest of his team know it. The game is played with the same rules as regular Frag, with a couple of differences. The first has already been mentioned; the players play as a team, leaving one player to referee. This could potentially open up for friendly fire. This is solved by assuming that if a team-mate is in another team-mates line of sight, the other team-mate cannot shoot.

The second change is that instead of each player taking their turn separately, each team takes their turn as one, then steps away and lets the other team take their turn. The referee keeps track of where players are, informing the opposing team if they spot an enemy.

The first team to score anywhere from eight to twelve frags (depending on what length game you want) wins the game.

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