I've recently purchased two battle mats, one produced by Renaissance Enterprise Games (one-sided, 1" squares, faux-leather vinyl, 34.5" x 48") and one produced by Chessex (double-sided, one side with 1" squares, the other with 1" hexes, vinyl, 26" x 23½"). The first I have cut into three pieces, halving it once, then halving one half again. This one I'll use to have a set of custom, carry-along, maps for Frag and Frag: Gold edition. The other I will use for general gaming.

I am very happy with both my purchases and my decisions as to their use. There is only one problem: These mats should be stored rolled up to keep them for as long as possible. In order to do this, and to have a way of carrying them without them becoming creased, I need a storage and carrying case. Being somewhat of a fantasy-buff, as well as a fan of the Dragonlance-series, I've decided to make something fitting of Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

My plan for the case then, is to get a postage tube, then to cover it with leather, also creating a custom lid and some sort of carrying arrangement. Although I don't expect it to be cheap, I am quite certain that I will have a unique piece of kit, which will also serve me well.

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