Intel, bit by bit (Oslo by night, pt. 2)

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Campaign name: Oslo by night
Session name: Intel, bit by bit (In which our protagonist interrogates her prisoner)
Game system: Vampire: the Masquerade
Number of players: 1 + GM

Play resumè: The following night, our protagonist wakes, then seeks out her sire in his study. He suggests she interrogate her prisoner, to see who sent him, who he is and so on and so forth. She goes to the cell, and after a minor scuffle manages to get him into the interrogation room.

As soon as he sits down into the chair, the chair actually grasps him so that he is stuck to the chair. To begin with, the prisoner is uncommunicative, and obviously not interested in answering Sophie's questions. Little by little, however, he relents, no doubt in part due to the razor-sharp blade held against his throat.

He explains that his name is Mike, that he is a mechanic, and that "they" are holding his family, threatening to kill them unless he did as they told him. He goes on to say that they are probably already dead, as he was unable to get Sophie to them. It turns out that his family is not people, but rather his dog, a german sheperd called Jake.

When asked who these "them" are, he claims he never saw their faces, but that they gave him a ring. He then pulls a ring from his pocket, a ring featuring a snake biting its tail. He also explains that "they" broke his arm, then mended it, magically-like. Mike also says that he was to take her to the garage. She gets the keys, then places him back in his cell.

Significant NPC's
Mike the mechanic (Human) Armed assailant, mechanic, dogowner, threatened by people who gave him a snake-ring.

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